Lienna Chan

Peer Advisor Lienna seated with blue sweater outdoors

Position Title
Peer Advisor, 2022-23


I transferred from Butte Community College in Oroville, and am majoring in Chemical Engineering. 

Campus Involvement: There are a lot of clubs I want to join in Fall 2022 like OSTEM and AIChE. I wanted to prioritize figuring out how to balance my time at school and living away from home for the first time. I recently got a summer internship working on photovoltaics and renewable energy data analysis for the Moule Lab. While I do not have an extensive background in this field, I am super excited to learn and gain experiences I previously did not have access to.

Hobbies: Outside of academics, you can find me looking for house plants or drawing at a cafe :)

Advice for Transfer/Reentry Students: As an individual who rushed their education in pursuit of “improvement”, I hope incoming
reentry and transfer students take time to explore different areas of interest. It’s not a sustainable mindset trying to consistently push yourself to your limits without a break; throw in a class unrelated to your major or try out a new hobby. (UC Davis has classes on Dinosaurs, Zombies, Vampires and multiple food-related ones)