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Peer Advisor, Hiba Ahmed

Hiba Ahmed

  • Peer Advisor, 2021-22

I am a second year transfer student from De Anza Community College, and I will be a senior for the Fall 2021 quarter! I am majoring in Managerial Economics and minoring in Technology Management.

Campus Involvement: Ever since I joined UC Davis within a remote environment, I followed many clubs and resources on social media to be updated with current events and opportunities I would be interested in. Currently, I am a general member of Davis Women in Business and have loved attending meetings about professional and personal development and interacting with so many women interested in the business field.  

Hobbies: In my spare time, I love to bullet journal, clean up and reorganize my room a little too frequently, and watch Netflix and Youtube! I love watching videos of cooking/food, skincare, cleaning, morning/night routines, and… ok I’ll stop there. I also love going outdoors and staying active if I am not in a remote environment all day! :D

Advice for Transfer/Reentry Students: Everyone’s journey is different and unique to them. College is a time to reflect on yourself and your own growth. Don’t fall into comparing someone else’s journey with yours. You have accomplished so much and through so many challenges. Focus on that! Enjoy and live in the present rather than stressing for the future or mistakes from the past. My professor from MGT 120 says, “Fail fast, learn fast.” Learn and grow from your mistakes rather than letting it define you. You are here now to make the most of your experiences and to thrive! Take some time to explore your interests, classes you are interested in, clubs you want to join, and to meet new people!

Peer Advisor, Priscilla Franco

Priscilla Franco

  • Peer Advisor, 2021-22

I am a second-year transfer student majoring in Sociology. I transferred from Modesto Community College, in Modesto California.

Campus Involvement: Given the context of the time we currently live in; I have had little involvement on campus. However, I currently live in Davis and have taken advantage of familiarizing myself with different campus locations like the ARC, CoHo, and Shields Library. The empty bike lanes have allowed me to explore Davis without the usual business. The beautiful tranquility of the arboretum is now my favorite place to visit after long zoom meetings. The community in Davis has been really welcoming and I feel like I made the right choice by joining the UCD community. Similarly, as a transfer student, in hopes of being more connected to my current community, I was given the opportunity to join the TRC team. I look forward to continue to establish a collective sense of support and community as we all transition to campus.

Hobbies: I usually enjoy leisure swimming or playing Pictionary with my friends, lately I have enjoyed lap swimming for mere exercise purposes. I also have had the opportunity of experiencing biking in spacious biking lanes all over Davis. For the most part, I have mainly enjoyed my own company and binge-watching Netflix. After all, it is the most responsible activity to enjoy that also happens to be a major hobby of mine.

Advice for Transfer Students: My advice to incoming transfers students is to remember you are here for a reason. The hard work it took to get here should be celebrated, make the most positive outcome of this new journey. Most importantly, there is room for everyone to find one’s community and thrive in their own unique way.

Peer Advisor, Zuhair Hussain

Zuhair Hussain

  • Peer Advisor, 2021-22

I’m a 2nd year transfer student here at UC Davis and I am majoring in Environmental Science and Management with a focus on Climate Change and Air Quality. I transferred from the City College of San Francisco in San Francisco CA :)

Campus Involvement:  Being a transfer student during COVID was one of the hardest things to adapt to because of everything being virtual but that did not stop me from getting involved. I joined the Environmental Club here at UC Davis and if I’m not participating in meetings or activities, I’m usually biking all around campus or always relaxing at the quad.

Hobbies: Growing up in San Francisco my favorite hobby was to explore! I love being able to find places secluded from the loud noise and relax while listening to my favorite artists. Some of my other favorite hobbies include playing music (specifically my keyboard and ukulele), hanging out with friends, playing volleyball and watching scary movies

Advice for Transfer Students: My advice for incoming transfers would be to always ask questions! Coming from a different school to an institution like UC Davis can be scary at first so I encourage all transfers to ask a bunch of questions and get them answered whether it's about the school itself, academic related or just about the city of Davis. I would also say to join a club that you find interesting. There are so many clubs at Davis that people can find one that tailors to them and if nothing seems interesting, you can make your own club!

Peer Advisor, Hattie Insco

Harriet Insco

  • Peer Advisor, 2021-22

I am a second year Transfer Student at UC Davis, majoring in Art History. I transferred from American River College and Folsom Lake College in Sacramento, CA. 

Campus Involvement: Unfortunately, I have not had much opportunity to get involved on campus due to the circumstances of COVID-19. Since I transferred to UCD Fall of 2020, Fall of 2021 will be my first quarter on campus and I am so excited to take advantage of all the in-person resources at UC Davis! I am especially excited to take walks through the Arboretum, study at the Library and Coffee House (COHO), and attend campus workshops in-person!

Hobbies: Some of my main hobbies outside of school include creating art, playing volleyball, taking care of my pet turtle, and spending time with family and friends!

Advice for Transfer Students: The piece of advice that I would love to give any incoming transfer or reentry students is to utilize campus resources. Throughout Spring Quarter of 2021, I had the chance to attend multiple workshops and events hosted by the Success Coaching and Learning Strategies and the Center for Leadership Learning. These events were dedicated to providing success and community for Aggies in such an atypical year of virtual school. These workshops were game changers, as I was able to get to know more people that I never would have met otherwise. It allowed me to feel like I had a community to come to, and that I wasn’t an outsider on campus! 

Peer Advisor, Mary-Ann Myers

Mary-Ann Myers

  • Peer Advisor, 2021-22

I am a second year transfer student majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Native American Studies. I transferred from Sacramento City College and American River College. I am also a re-entry student.

Campus Involvement: When I am not in the Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) or the Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC), you can find me involved with the upcoming UC Davis PowWow (Spring). I hang out in the Photo/Art Labs as well.

Hobbies: I love all music but especially Native American music. I adore Native American Flute music. Because of its ancient design, it sounds so relaxing and spiritual.

Advice: My advice for transfer students is to take advantage of all the resources that the Transfer department provides. We are here to serve and help you. Don't be shy. Come on in and learn where everything is at to make your stay at UC Davis fun and memorable.