Reentry-Specific Programs

Who are reentry students?

Reentry students are students who identify with one more more of the below groups:

  • Students who are 25 and older
  • Students who have a spouse/partner
  • Student parents
  • Students serving as caregivers for adult family members
  • Students who have taken a break from their education

At UC Davis there are approximately 1,500 undergraduate students ages 25 and older and around 300 student parents.

What programs are offered for reentry students?

Reentry E-Newsletter

To sign up to receive the e-newsletter for reentry students, fill out this online form. Students can also see the archive for the TRC Weekly Brief.

E-newsletter archives:

Older Wiser Learners (OWLs) Student Organization

OWL's is the Older Wiser Learners Club at UC Davis. It is a non-traditional student organization for all non-traditional students (typically, but limited to 25 years of age or older, married, re-entry, caretakers, and/or parents). We are your hub for socializing with like-minded students, networking, and a great place for building community and sharing resources that cater to non-traditional students. To join, log into Aggie Life and click on Join.