Services for Transfer and Reentry Students

Our transfer and reentry students come from a wide variety of community colleges and life experiences but the one thing they all have in common is having already completed their first two years of coursework and ready to begin work on the requirements for their major. The timetable for a transfer student is 2-3 years, so it is imperative that you ‘hit the ground running’ and have the information you need to make your transition to UC Davis a success. If you are an undergraduate student 25 years or over, a married student, or a student parent, you are member of our reentry student population. Reentry students are a vital part of our UC Davis community and a population that is growing each year. Our reentry students arrive on campus having had a variety of life experiences. Many are parents and grandparents, had robust and successful careers, spent time in the military, owned their own businesses, or have traveled extensively.

Transfer Pathways

The staff of the Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) know that academic success is your priority, as it sets the foundation for your future educational and career goals. Our Transfer Pathway model addresses the important areas of a transfer and reentry student progress while here at UC Davis: transfer transition, academic excellence, community engagement and beyond the Bachelor’s. Specialized programs combined with collaborations with our campus partners allow us a unique opportunity to work with transfer and reentry students at each phase of their education.

Transfer Transition

Transfer Transition is the foundational first step to transfer student success. Targeted to all new transfer students this segment of the pathway consists of strategic programming and events that introduce students to key staff across campus, support services, success strategy skills so students can spend less time feeling lost on campus and more time getting settled and finding their place on campus.

Academic Excellence

When transfer students are achieving academically it means that other areas of their lives are in balance as well. Transfer students come to UC Davis with life, work and academic experience that brought them success while at Community College. The Academic Excellence portion of Transfer Pathways connects students to support and programming that is solely focused on sharpening and maintaining their academic skills so they can adapt to the rigors and demands of completing their degree at UC Davis.

Community Engagement

Community engagement connects the diverse transfer student community with opportunities to explore and participate in smaller communities unique to their interests and identity. Membership and participation across various communities assist students with creating strong peer and professional networks of support that enhance their academics while at UC Davis.

Beyond the Bachelor's

Transfer students come to UC Davis already thinking about what their next steps will be. The final portion of Transfer Pathways focuses on life Beyond the Bachelor’s. Whether preparing for graduate or professional school or a career, transfer students can get a head start planning their next steps by exploring options for research and career by taking advantage of opportunities offered by the TRC, Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services and other campus partners.