CCAMPIS Childcare and Mentorship

UC Davis students can receive assistance with child care costs at the on campus Early Childhood Laboratory and individualized support and mentoring at the Transfer and Reentry Center through the CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) program!
2024-2025: spots at the Early Childhood Lab School (ELC) are now full.  Still accepting applications for the ECL wait list and for mentorship support.  Student parents with children who do not need child care are encouraged to apply for the mentorship component!  

In addition to CCAMPIS, UC Davis offers other opportunities for assistance with childcare expenses; some students may qualify to receive multiple grants. Learn more on the Student Parents website.

Program Details

What is CCAMPIS?

CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School), pronounced see-campus, is a federal grant from the US Department of Education designed to provide funding for child care and related services to promote the success of student parents.  The Early Childhood Laboratory (ECL) and Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) received a CCAMPIS grant to support student parents at UC Davis.

Learn more about the program by checking out the UC Davis CCAMPIS presentation slides.

What services do CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars at UC Davis receive?

  • Full subsidy (no cost to attend), 50% subsidy, or 25% subsidy for on campus child care at the nationally accredited program offered by the Early Childhood Laboratory (ECL) - see the section on the ECL for the available child care options and school information
  • Child development and whole family support from a specialist in child development at the ECL
  • Individualized support from a Student Parent Mentor at the TRC
  • Specialized workshops and connections to campus resources
  • Opportunities to connect with other Student Parent Scholars

What are the eligibility requirements? 

  • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional student parents at UC Davis 
  • Qualify as low income - must receive a Pell grant or be eligible using Pell grant income guidelines (two-parent families with an income below 175% of the federal poverty level and single parents with an income below 225% of the poverty level; Estimated Family Contribution of $6,206 or less)
  • Enrolled in at least 6 units (incoming students who have not yet registered for classes are eligible to apply, but will need to be enrolled in at least 6 units for the quarter in which participating in the program)
  • Minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA (previous school GPA can be used for incoming students)
  • Priority is given to undergraduate students, single parents, and students with the most financial need 

What is the application process?

To apply to participate as a CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholar, submit the online application form.  

  • March 1: Application deadline for returning participants
  • May 15: Application deadline for new participants
  • May 31: Date by which applicants are notified of acceptance

Important note: completing the CCAMPIS application is for consideration for a discount on ECL tuition and mentorship through the TRC.  Students must ALSO submit the ECL application to secure a spot for their child at the ECL.

Students need to apply each year they would like to participate.  Applications for student parents not requesting childcare at the ECL will continue to be accepted until all spots are full.  Students can also apply after the deadline to be put on the waiting list.


Contact the CCAMPIS Co-Directors (Kelly Twibell Sanchez, Director of the Early Childhood Laboratory, and Marissa Weiss, Transfer Retention Specialist at the TRC) at

Early Childhood Laboratory (ECL)

Program options

Student parents may receive full subsidy (no cost to attend), 50% subsidy, or 25% subsidy, depending on financial need and available spots.

Full-day Programming 

M-TH: 7:45am-4:15pm, F 8:00am-Noon

  • Infant (12-24 months)
  • Toddler (24-36 months)
  • Preschool (36-60 months)

Half-day Programming

M-TH: 8:30-11:30 AM

  • AM Preschool (36-60 months)

M-TH 12:45-3:45 PM

  • PM Preschool (48-60 months)

School Information

The Early Childhood Laboratory provides a model early childhood program, a site for research and observation, and an educational experience for Human Development students. Our program is proud to have earned NAEYC Accreditation--the highest mark of quality for early childhood education programs.

Each classroom is staffed by:

  • A Lead Teacher (B.S. in Child Development or Early Childhood Education)
  • A Child Development Demonstration Lecturer/Specialist (M.S. degree)
  • Three-four practicum student "caregivers" enrolled in our intensive practicum in early childhood

Research about child development is an essential part of the ECL. Parents who enroll their children grant permission for their children to be part of the naturalistic observation research that takes place daily. Several times per year parents are asked to consider other research projects that would involve direct interaction with their child. Parents receive a description of each research project approved by our Research Director and sign an informed consent form. The ECL is located at 244 First Street. License numbers: 570306437 and 570311412

Transfer and Reentry Center

The Transfer and Reentry Center is the official transfer center for all of nearly eight-thousand transfer and reentry students at UC Davis. The TRC assists all transfer students (junior college or community college to UC Davis, UC to UC Davis, out of state to UC Davis) and reentry students (+25 and/or student parents). As part of it’s work with reentry students, the TRC supports and advocates for the needs of primarily undergraduate student parents. The TRC and the Women’s Resources and Research Center collaborate to lead the Student Parent Working Group, which serves all student parents and maintains the Student Parent Resources website. The TRC is located in 1210 Dutton Hall.


  • Which students are eligible to apply?
    • Undergraduate, graduate, and professional student parents at UC Davis who qualify as low income (must receive a Pell grant or be eligible using Pell grant income guidelines: two-parent families with an income below 175% of the federal poverty level and single parents with an income below 225% of the poverty level; Estimated Family Contribution of $6,206 or less). Priority is given to undergraduate students, single parents, and students with the most financial need.
  • How are applications prioritized?
    • First priority is given to single undergraduate student parents, followed by single graduate student parents, married/partnered undergraduate student parents, and married/partnered graduate student parents.  The level of discount is based on financial need and available spots.
  • What is required of CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars?
    • Maintain course enrollment, minimum GPA, and income eligibility 
    • Attend a CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholar Orientation
    • Meet with Student Parent Mentor quarterly  
    • Participate in quarterly Student Parent Scholar community activities, including: 
      • Community building activities 
      • Workshops focused on child development and whole family support 
      • Workshops focused on college student success 
      • Family conferences (if child is enrolled at the Early Childhood Laboratory)
      • Complete pre and post surveys
  • Can I participate if my child is older than preschool age or receives care from another provider?
    • Yes!  While child care will not be provided or subsidized, you are welcome to receive individualized support from the Student Parent Mentor and participate in workshops and community building activities. 
  • Can I still apply for and receive funds from the child care grants through WorkLife if I participate in CCAMPIS?
    • Yes! CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars are still eligible to apply for and receive grants through WorkLife to pay for other child care expenses (e.g., after hours care and summer break).
  • Can I have more than one of my children attend the ECL?
    • Yes! You are welcome to apply for multiple placements at the ECL. 
  • Will participation in CCAMPIS impact my financial aid?
    • No. As funds are not awarded directly to you, there should not be an impact on your financial aid. If you feel your aid was adjusted incorrectly, reach out to Financial Aid at  
  • If I decide to PELP for a quarter will my spot at the ECL be saved for me?
    • No, unfortunately the program is not able to hold spots while a student is not enrolled. You can be put on the waitlist for reconsideration upon return.
  • Is child care at the ECL free?  How does the program decide which students have to pay a reduced rate?
    • The amount of subsidy that a student receives is based on a combination of indicators including single parent status, number of units enrolled, level of financial need, and available slots.  Student parents may receive full subsidy (no cost to attend), 50% subsidy, or 25% subsidy.
  • If I have to drop down to part time for a quarter, will I still be able to participate?
    • Yes, as long as you are enrolled in at least 6 units.
  • If I am not in good academic standing for a quarter, will I still be able to participate?
    • CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars are required to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. If a student falls below this minimum they may not be able to continue their participation. Extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • What support is offered by the Family Coordinator?
    • The Family Coordinator is available for individual consultation regarding child development, strategies for supporting child development at home, and requesting developmental evaluations from county agencies or local school districts. 
    • The Family Coordinator will also facilitate parents workshops and produce weekly play kits to be used at home. 
  • What support is offered by the Student Parent Mentor?
    • Individualized support and mentoring: through regular meetings, the Student Parent Mentor and CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholar will develop and track progress toward academic and personal goals
    • Connections to on and off campus resources: the Student Parent Mentor will connect CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars to various resources to assist with reaching academic and personal goals. Resources may include tutoring, success coaching, research opportunities, major advising, and wellness programs.
    • Community building: through events designed to build relationships between CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars and other networking opportunities, Scholars will form valuable connections and lasting friendships with other student parents.
  • How often do I need to apply?
    • Students need to apply each year
  • If I am not accepted into CCAMPIS, what resources are available to me?
    • You can still apply to the ECL as a general/community member by submitting the application on the ECL website, though space may be limited and full ECL tuition will be charged.
    • You can apply for the Child Care Grants through WorkLife to help defray the costs of child care at any provider of your choosing.  For more information and to apply, go to the WorkLife website.
    • WorkLife maintains a list of local childcare providers on their websiteThe Children's Home Society can also help with finding a provider in the area.
    • The TRC maintains a Babysitter Directory - a list of current UC Davis students who are interested in working as babysitters.  For more information and to request access to the Directory, go to the Student Parent Resources page.

Student Parent Mentor Position

The Transfer and Reentry Center is hiring a 20 hour/week position to serve as the CCAMPIS Student Parent Mentor.  This position works directly with undergraduate and graduate student parents, offering mentorship, community building, and general advising for CCAMPIS participants.  For a complete position description, go to

To apply, complete the online application.  The application includes questions regarding prior experience mentoring and advising students, and approach to supporting the needs of students from underrepresented minority groups and promoting equity.  There is space to upload a current resume or CV.

Questions?  Contact Marissa Weiss, Transfer Retention Specialist, at

CCAMPIS at UC Davis is a partnership between the Early Childhood Laboratory and the Transfer and Reentry Center.