Student Parent Resources

As part of it’s work with reentry students, the TRC supports and advocates for the needs of student parents. The TRC also collaborates with key campus partners - the Women’s Resources and Research Center, Student Housing, WorkLife, Aggie Compass, and the Early Childhood Lab School.

The TRC and WRRC, as part of the efforts of the Student Parent Working Group, have created a virtual hub for undergraduate, graduate, and professional student parents at UC Davis. The Student Parent website serves as a central clearinghouse for resources and programs dedicated to supporting student parent success. 

Interested in making a donation to help student parents thrive at UC Davis?  Make a donation to the Student Parents Support Fund!

TRC-Sponsored Programs for Student Parents and Caregivers

  • Part Time Petition Letter:  If you are a student parent or medical caregiver for another family member and need to submit a Part Time Status Application to the Office of the University Registrar, please email Marissa at to request a letter of support for your application.
  • Babysitter Directory: The Directory connects current UC Davis students with children who need babysitting services with current UC Davis students who are interested in babysitting.  Please be advised, the TRC does not screen or evaluate the sitters who register with the Babysitter Directory. Families are encouraged to screen potential babysitters and satisfy their own due diligence when hiring a sitter. The TRC is not responsible for coordinating or negotiating job opportunities.  All care arrangements should be negotiated directly between the sitter and the family, including rates, job responsibilities, house rules, caregiving preferences, etc. Student sitters will be contacted by the TRC annually to make sure you still want to be on the list and to verify your information. If at any point during the current quarter you would like to be removed from the babysitters list, please contact the Student Parent Working Group at
  • CCAMPIS Student Parent Scholars: program offering free or discounted child care spots at the nationally accredited, on campus Early Childhood Laboratory (ECL) and individualized support and mentorship for student parents through the TRC.  The program is funded by a federal grant from the US Department of Education awarded to the ECL and TRC; participation is open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Priority Registration: Undergraduate students with dependent children and students who are caregivers for adult family members can apply to receive priority registration (an earlier Pass time).
  • Urban Sitter Gift Cards:  5-6 Hours of Childcare - for FREE!  Need to attend a campus event, go to class or a study group, or get some uninterrupted study time?  Apply for a FREE $100 UrbanSitter gift card and 3-month membership!  Available while supplies last!
    • offers access to background checked sitters and nannies in your neighborhood. Through a grant from COSAF, the Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC) is able to offer student parents a 3-month membership and $100 gift card to pay for babysitting services.  Students can choose from sitters already registered with UrbanSitter or have an existing sitter signup for a free 1-year membership with code DAVIS23 at
    • To apply, go to
    •  While the TRC will do its best to review applications ASAP, it's best to plan a minimum of one week in advance of the need for a babysitter, and to allow time to communicate with potential sitters.  Once approved, students will receive an access code and instructions for how to use the membership and search for sitters.  At the end of the 3 months, the membership will end, unless the student chooses to continue and pay.  Similarly, after the $100 is used, students can choose to add more funds or stop using the service.  Sitters in the Davis/Sacramento area typically charge between $15-$30/hour.
  • Student Parent Manual: info guide and workbook for undergraduate student parents to develop goals, reflect on progress, learn about the experience of other student parents, and find resources.